Arrested for Drunk Driving? Immediately Call a DUI Lawyer in Allentown

Being arrested for drunk driving is a nightmare for most people. Many of them never intended to break the law. They went to a football game with their buddies and had a great time. Unfortunately that included drinking several beers. On the way home they were pulled over and arrested. Even if they never have had another driving violation, this one bad decision can cost thousands of dollars and even lead to jail time. They may feel so stupid and bad about what happened that they admit to being drunk. What they should do is hire a DUI lawyer in Allentown as early in the process as possible.

A person stopped for a DUI offense should never admit guilt. They have to follow the police officer’s instructions and try to stay as calm as possible. If the officer asks if they knew why they were pulled over, they should say no. Let the policeman explain what he’s doing. Once it’s clear that the driver is being arrested he should say that he wants a lawyer. Most people without a history of drunk driving, don’t have a lawyer’s number handy. They should call their wife or family member to find one quickly. Don’t worry about calling a criminal defense lawyer late at night. They are used to it.

The DUI Lawyer Allentown will be on the seen quickly to see how the blood test or breathalyzer was conducted. He’ll look for any inconsistencies or bad procedures. The police also have to prove that the driver was doing something wrong. He had to have probably cause to stop the car and question the driver. The driver also had to be warned of his Miranda rights at the proper time. Failure to do this or follow other procedures can have anything that defendant said kept out of court proceedings. The lawyer will also look for witnesses that can corroborate the defendant’s believe that he wasn’t intoxicated.

After looking at the defendant’s record and any improper procedures, the lawyer may be able to get the charges reduced. Perhaps it will be possible for the driver to get a suspended sentence or probation. He’ll handle the case as quietly as possible so that a few people as possible learn about it. That will minimize the disruption to the accused driver’s life.

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