Arrested and in Jail? A Bail Bond Man in Colarado Springs Can Help

Getting arrested is a very frightening experience. There are usually a lot of police with guns, flashing lights and a lot of noise. There might even be large dogs barking or tugging at the person. It’s very hard to think straight even if the person is innocent. Their first call should be to get legal assistance. But shortly after they are processed and had a chance to calm down, they start to think about getting out of jail. Most defense attorneys have a Bail Bond man Colorado Springs company that they routinely work with.

The attorney represents the defendant at the original bail bond hearing and tries to get the judge to set the lowest bond possible. The bond is a guarantee that the accused person will be in court whenever there is a hearing or trial. Generally every person is entitled to bail. It is only the most violent criminals or those that have a high likelihood of fleeing that don’t get bail. Once the judge has set the bail amount, the defendant can get out of jail. If they have the amount of bail in their back account, they can post their own bail. Most people don’t, so they have to call a Bail Bond man Colorado Springs company to pick up the shortfall.

First of all every defendant should expect to be treated with respect when the call a bail bond company. Since many people get arrested at night or on the weekend, it’s important that the bail bondsman be available 24 hours a day and even on Christmas. It’s also best if the bail company is located close to the county jail. This will help things move along more quickly. Some bail companies have even begun to let people apply for their bail online.

Regardless of the place of application, defendants will have to honestly answer questions regarding their name and address, and place of employment. They will also have to give a complete description of all of their tattoos to the Bail Bond man Colorado Springs company. Close relatives and friends will also have to be named with their addresses. If the defendant doesn’t make a court appearance, this is where they will start looking. If questions on this form aren’t answered truthfully, their bail could be taken away.

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