Allow the Dentists in Mobile AL to Treat Your Gum Disease

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Dentistry

Aside from cavities, gum disease is one of the biggest detriments to oral health. Gum disease is on the rise as more and more people are avoiding dental care and not taking proper care of their teeth and gums. It is imperative you know the warning signs to look for so you will know when to seek dental treatment for gum disease. The sooner the condition is diagnosed and treated, the less likely there will be permanent damage. Through the dentists in Mobile AL, your condition can be properly treated and healed.

When gum disease first begins, it starts off as gingivitis. This condition is easily treated and can be quickly reversed. When gingivitis begins, it causes redness, swelling and irritation in the gums. Most people will also experience bleeding when they brush.

If you notice these signs, you need to see the dentists in Mobile AL. The dentist will work to clean your teeth and gums and will give you special instructions on caring for your condition. Special mouth rinses can be given so your gum tissue will properly heal and your oral health will no longer be in danger.

When gingivitis is not properly treated, it will worsen and eventually cause a condition called periodontal disease. This condition becomes chronic in nature and causes pockets of infection to develop around your teeth. These pockets eventually cause loosening of the teeth, leading to tooth loss.

If you are suffering with periodontal disease, the dentist will use aggressive treatments. Antibiotics will be given and the dentist may need to perform special laser surgery on your gum tissue so the swelling and irritation are reduced. Given time, periodontal disease can be brought under control. The sooner you are treated, the less likely tooth loss and permanent damage will occur.

When gum disease strikes, treatment needs to be prompt. Contact West Mobile Dental Care right away and allow them to schedule you a consultation appointment. They can examine your gums and determine what treatment needs to be carried out. Through treatment, your gum health can be protected so you do not experience permanent damage.

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