All about Fire Resistant Safes

A fire resistant safe is a rugged device designed to provide secure storage and protection for valuables. Typically constructed with a strong metal alloy, these safes are able to resist damage from high temperatures resulting from a fire incident in homes or offices. They come in all shapes and sizes with some being as large as a bank vault, and others small enough to easily conceal or be moved. Before purchasing a fire resistant safe it’s suggested to determine your needs regarding protection capabilities, type and size of items stored, and your budget.

Level of Fire Protection
It’s important to understand there is a significant difference between fire resistant and fireproof. Fire resistant implies the unit can withstand heat up to certain temperatures before becoming affected. Fireproof safes remain intact even with the worst blaze or temperature range. However, with both types the inside can reach a level of heat that may cause document damage depending upon the style of safe and the corresponding fire rating it possesses.

Understanding Fire Ratings
Fire ratings are based on several different factors which is based upon temperatures that can be reached before inside contents are damaged. Those rated at the top are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures while still protecting inside documents including cash from being singed or burnt. A lower rating might offer less heat protection but are still sufficient for most residential situations and can easily protect items that are non-paper.

Minimizing Heat Exposure
A high-end fire resistant safe is also perfect for storing other items that can be damaged from extreme heat exposure, for example, the highest rated safes will safeguard belongings such as personal jewelry and handguns with relative ease. Class B rated safes are sufficient for protecting most small metal objects including coins for several hours of intense heat exposure. Therefore, the type of safe purchased is entirely dependent upon the items being stored.

Commercial and Residential Safes
You’ll find many fire resistant safes on the market that are for business and home use. Some are very small and can be easily hidden in walls, under beds, or even set on closet shelves. These are great for copies of important household documents including deeds, or keeping cash. In the event of emergencies they are highly convenient and can be quickly removed. The larger fire resistant safe is ideal for storing greater quantities of items, or those which are much bigger in size.

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