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Air Conditioning Contractor in Edmond

Before you call for service on your air conditioner, there are a couple things you can do at home to both check your system and maybe do a few easy fixes yourself that won’t require a service call by an air conditioning contractor Edmond. Some of these may sound embarrassingly simple, such as checking to see that the thermostat switch is actually set to cool and not heat. That may sound embarrassingly simple, but if air conditioner technicians have that on their list of tips, you know it’s happened before, and after all, it’s easier to discover that little mistake on your own before the technician arrives.

Next, check your circuit panel and make sure all the breakers are flipped to the on position. Go outside and check the disconnect switch on the outdoor unit. The furnace should be on if the air conditioner is on, so make sure the furnace blower is running. If not, turn the furnace on. Speaking of the furnace, you should make sure the blower isn’t clogged. The filter really should be replaced once a month to make sure nothing is blocking the air flow. In addition, check the return air registers in the house. They are mounted on the walls and may be high or close to the floor. Make sure they aren’t blocked by any throw rugs or furniture; even a tall piece of furniture may be blocking one that is placed high.

You may find you get more personalized service from an air conditioning contractor Edmond like Terry Shinn, who runs a family-owned business. You’ll always reach a live person when you call, no matter what time of day or night. Owner-operators make an extra effort to return calls quickly and to give polite, professional service. Even if they have an appointment for a service call, they’ll call you thirty minutes before they get there just to check in, and they make an effort to not track dirt into the house and keep their equipment organized in their work area. Ask your contractor if they offer maintenance agreements, as that can preserve your equipment and save you money over time. Get in touch with TS Heat & Air to get air conditioning contractor in Edmond.

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