A Messy Divorce Might Require an Electronic Bug Detector

Divorce is never fun for anyone. If you are part of a messy divorce, especially if there are children involved, there could be good reason for you to purchase an electronic bug detector. If your ex-spouse is trying to get you on infidelity or any other accusation in court and is desperate for proof, he might turn to planting an electronic bug in your home, car or office. Unfortunately, today it is very easy for anyone to purchase electronic bugs, making it a very real possibility that your ex-spouse has done this to you.

People have been known to do crazy things during divorce to give them the upper hand in the courtroom. The reasons your ex-spouse might plant your home, car or office with an electronic bug is to catch you in the act of something that could make the divorce case go in his favor or catch you admitting something to someone in a conversation either in your home or on the phone. Since an electronic bug can take many different forms, there are a wide variety of ways your ex-spouse could spy on you. If he is trying to catch you in a conversation, he might plant a phone bug. There are also various video or camera surveillance bugs that can be planted, as well as GPS trackers, all of which can be used during your battle in court if the proper evidence is uncovered. The only way to catch all bugs in your life is to use an electronic bug detector.

Since a majority of bugging devices gives off some type of radio wave, an electronic bug detector can pick up those waves and alert you of the presence of an electronic bug in your home. Whether you purchase a detector or you hire a service to come in and do a sweep of your home, you should be able to rid your home of cameras, phone bugs and various other spy equipment that invades the privacy you assume you have in your very own home.

Because an electronic bug detector takes a certain amount of concentration and unwavering attempts at locating the bugs in your home, it is sometimes best to hire a service to do the sweep for you. If you suspect that only your phone was bugged or there is only one GPS tracker in your automobile, operating an electronic bug detector on your own is perfectly fine. However, if you are unsure of the vastness of the bugs in your life, a service is definitely in order.


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