A few tips for the DIY painter

There is a great deal more to painting a house, whether inside or outside, than simply picking a color and slapping it on. DIY painters in Winchester VA have to get the color, the correct type of paint and then, avoiding as many spills and splashes as possible, attempt to end up with a flawless finish. It can be done but before you even think about picking up a brush or roller, there are a few timely tips that may make your life easier and help you with getting better results.

Step one is always to select the color and the paint type, whether flat, gloss, latex, oil based or any of the many options. The color should be chosen so that it complements the color scheme of the surrounding area. Although color is a very personal choice, if you are not sure of what type of paint you should buy, do not hesitate to consult with the paint specialist who works in the DIY or home improvement store. The choice will usually be the location and the existing surface.

To help even the surface and prepare it for the top coats, the primer paint is the first coat to be applied. Once again, you may want to talk to the specialist as there are different primers for different surfaces, there are also primers that block stains and those that are quick drying. Prior to application of the primer, the surface must be properly prepared; it should be clean and smooth. Wash the walls and then patch any cracks or holes with plaster patch. Use sandpaper to smooth the areas where repairs were made, it is a good idea to rough up all the walls with sandpaper as it helps the paint “key” to the surfaces. Once the sanding is complete, wash the walls once again.

Professional painters in Winchester VA attempt to remove as much furniture and the accessories as possible from the room, the rest are completely covered with drop clothes. The furniture left in the room should be placed in the center as it makes movement easier.

While painting, start at the top and work your way down, this will eliminate any runs into areas which have been painted. Paint small sections at a time, rushing the job will usually end up with errors that later have to be repainted or redone.
Rather than attempt painting your own home, you are far better off by hiring professional painters in Winchester VA who have all the skills and tools.

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