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A Dentist in Cedar Grove Offers Tooth-Saving Tips

Eating sweets may satisfy your sweet tooth, but it can also result in more frequent trips to Littlefalls Family Dental. If you don’t clean your teeth well after a sugary snack, you can eventually suffer gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. Bacterial plaque forms on your gums and teeth, and when they meet the starches and sugars in your mouth, they produce tooth-harming acid. Over time, the acid breaks down the tooth enamel, and the eventual result is tooth decay.

The amount of sugar you consume doesn’t necessarily cause all the damage; exposure and frequency also play a role. If you snack throughout the day, every graze causes another acid attack. Sticky foods aren’t as likely to be washed away by saliva, and sour sweet candies are especially harmful. The length of time food stays in your mouth also plays a role; hard candies stay around longer, and unless they’re sugar free, they also cause acid erosion. Below are some tooth-saving tips from a Dentist Cedar Grove.

Limit your consumption. Don’t allow a bag or basket of candy to stick around for too long. Eat some, and give away or discard the rest. You’ll be helping your mouth-;and your waistline!

Limit your between-meal snacking. If you want to nibble, choose something nutritious (like fruit) or chew sugarless gum with xylitol. It will increase saliva flow and wash away acid-producing food. Plaque bacteria are averse to xylitol.

Eat sweets with meals. During a meal, your natural saliva production gets stepped up, and acid is neutralized while food particles are rinsed away. Eat dessert if you want to-;the less frequently you indulge, the lower the chance of acid erosion.

Keep an eye out for ‘hidden’ sugars. They’re in more foods than you might think! Peanut butter and starchy foods contain sugars. If high fructose corn syrup is high on the list of ingredients, limit your consumption of that food.

Drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Most places have fluoridated water, and fluoride helps prevent decay. If you prefer bottled water, read the label to see if your brand contains fluoride.

Brush twice per day, and floss daily, especially if you like to snack between meals. Don’t forget to see your Dentist Cedar Grove at least once per year.


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