A Child Custody Lawyer in Sierra Vista Can Help a Father Get Full Custody

When Arizona couples decide to end their marriage they have two options. They can either have the court draw up the divorce settlement that controls the division of marital property, spousal support or Child Custody Sierra Vista or they can work with a mediator and do it themselves. The mediator, while they may be a lawyer by education, cannot represent one party over the other. Therefore, the spouses may choose to have a lawyer of their own to review the settlement for their Child Custody Sierra Vista, before it is filed.

Child custody and support are often the two most contentious issues in any divorce. Different child rearing philosophies might have been one of the reasons that the couple could no longer stay together. One parent may believe in vaccinating their children, while the other believes vaccinations cause autism. The choice to home school or religious training could also be hot button issues. If the couple can discuss these issues and come to a consensus then they would be able to draw up their own parenting agreement. If they cannot, then a traditional divorce process would fit them.

The judge evaluates both parties and determines which parent will provide a better home for the children. While it is still common that mothers are given custody and fathers must pay child support. This is not the guaranteed outcome. A father might claim that the mother suffers from a psychological or physical disability that precludes her from the best parent. He might claim that he is closer to his children or that his household would be more stable. He could also claim that her refusal to vaccinate the children puts them at risk. His lawyer will work to convince the judge that he is entitled to full Child Custody Sierra Vista. The lawyer will know how to find the best expert witnesses to support this claim.

Private investigators are often used by divorce attorneys to prove that their client is the better parent. If they can show that a mother brings a parade of different men home for the evening or that she’s on the street buying drugs, it makes it easier for the father to get custody. The judge can clearly see that it’s best for the children to be with their him.

Law Office of Joseph Mendoza is a full service law firm and will help you with your child custody or support case in Sierra Vista with a personal attention and guidance throughout the process.

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