A brief overview of TMJ disorders

TMJ is the common term that is used for temporomandibular joint. This is the joint which attaches the jawbone to the lower skull at the corners of the mouth. The joint itself is held by muscles which makes it possible to open and close the mouth and chew, eat and talk. When there is any pain in or around this joint it is commonly referred to as a disorder with your TMJ Butler PA.
In the United States it is though that there are more than 10 million people who suffer with TMJ, there are more women than men who are affected.

* The signs and symptoms of TMJ in Butler PA:

* The common signs that often signal a problem are:

* A distinct tenderness in the face, ear or jaw on one side of the face or the other

* Difficulty in chewing and discomfort when doing so

* Headaches

* Clicking of the jaw, often painful

* Difficulty in opening or closing one’s mouth

* Teeth which do not impact properly when chewing or biting

The causes of TMJ are not really well known and they are often controversial. More research is required by the dental community to better understand the disorder, however, one cause which is agreed upon is trauma to the lower jaw. There are those who also believe that stress and arthritis also play a part in the disorder.

How is TMJ diagnosed?

Although there are no recognized tests for TMJ Butler PA, the dentist can conduct a thorough examination of the joint to see if it is tender or whether there is evidence of popping or clicking in the joint. With X-Rays and perhaps a mold of the mouth the dentist can see exactly how the teeth are coming together. Sinus headaches and muscular pain can cause similar pain; it is wise for the dentist to first rule out this as a possibility.

The treatment of TMJ:

Often, TMJ will simply disappear on its own, but if it persists the dentist may have some recommendations. He will ask that you cease gum chewing and wide open yawns, you can apply ice to the affected area, do jaw exercises and take OTC anti-inflammatory medicines.

If you are among the millions who suffer from TMJ in Butler PA then you are invited to call the Quad County Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. The dentists can give you specific tips to help you overcome this painful disorder, including the prescription of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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