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A Brief History Of Air Conditioning In Grayson

Many people feel that the term air conditioning means the cooling of room temperature. In technical terms though, air conditioning deals with controlling room temperature. This is done through various means, which involve heating, cooling and ventilation. In construction, Air Conditioning Grayson unit is referred to as HVAC.

At the beginning of the last century, The New York Stock Exchange was the pioneer to use air conditioning systems to heat and cool air separately. Willis Havilland Carrier then installed the first electrically- run air conditioning unit to be used at their printing plant. This unit did not only cool the air, but it also regulated the humidity.

In those days, air conditioning was used widely in manufacturing plants to improve products, by controlling effects of moisture and humidity, while also increasing the productivity of the employees. In the 1950’s air conditioning had become a technology trend that was now fitted in homes as well as automobiles.

An Air Conditioning Grayson unit cools air through a refrigerant; it uses a substance that alters the air temperature. In early development stages, air conditioning units used harmful gases like methyl chloride and ammonia as refrigerants. They were later changed by a different chemical known as Freon.

Freon is a substance safe for humans; however, it is not environmentally friendly. When released into the atmosphere, this gas known as chlorofluorocarbon contributes to the thinning of the ozone layer. Most air conditioning units use this type of gas. Environmentalists will have to wait to see the eradication of this substance in the future.

Air conditioning units have different refrigeration cycles. The first cycle, uses a heat pump to drive hot air out of a room while blowing cold air through a compressor. An alternative type pumps in a refrigerant, when this evaporates, it takes hot air with it while leaving cool air behind.

Today, most original air conditioning systems are complicated to understand and handle. It is therefore wise to enroll the services of Air Conditioning Grayson contractors to get the required help. They are experts in their domain, and can offer cost effective solutions to your home or businesses air conditioning problems. They also have the technical knowledge on installation or repair of your cooling systems. A professional and reputed service provider will send their technicians to tackle issues that arise promptly.

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