A Brain Injury Lawyer In Sheboygan WI Will Help With A Settlement

Brain injuries can happen in car or truck accidents, during birth, and other accidents. Brain injuries often go undiagnosed and can be difficult to prove. A brain injury lawyer in Sheboygan WI is necessary to prove the causes of the traumatic brain injury and the consequences to the person’s life. A brain injury can have devastating consequences for the person and the family that takes care of them. It can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and the inability to be gainfully employed.

A brain can be injured when a person’s head strikes a fixed object like during a slip and fall accident. The brain can also be damaged when the nerve cells are twisted or turned and damage to the nerve fibers occur. Car accidents are a common cause of this type of injury because of the sudden and twisting movement of the head.

Types Of Brain Injuries

There are five different brain injuries. They include focal contusions, skull fracture, hypoxia and anoxia, brain bleeding, and diffuse axonal injury, also known as DAI. No two brain injuries are alike and not everyone will react the same because of a brain injury. Some brain injuries cause the loss of motor skills and others can cause memory loss.


To prove a traumatic brain injury, the right tests need to be ordered. The victim will need to see a neuropsychologist to perform a series of tests that will determine a person’s memory, concentration, attention, planning, memory, speech, language and organization skills. In certain situations, a victim of a brain injury is not being properly diagnosed, and this is where a brain injury lawyer in Sheboygan WI can help.

A brain injury lawyer knows what type of tests and doctors a victim needs to see. They will work closely with the patient and the family to prove the case against the negligent party. They will fight aggressively to obtain the highest settlement possible for the victim.

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury because of the negligence of another individual, you deserve to win a fair settlement. Click here to find out more information about brain injury lawyer.

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