9 Reasons to Opt for Contractor Rentals

Equipment used at a construction site can be expensive and difficult to shift from one place to another. If you are a contractor on a job, you might need specific equipment that you probably won’t reuse. In this situation when you need a piece of construction equipment or earth moving equipment for one-time use, it’s no point buying the apparatus, new or used, because you’ll be stuck with it and have to rent storage. Contractor rentals are the best option for such a situation.

Contractor rentals offer any number of specialty apparatus that can be too expensive and uneconomical for you to buy outright and too inconvenient for you to store. Excavators, aerial lifts, rollers, scaffolding etc. you name it; you can hire it at these specialty rental outlets.

All you have to do is visit the online catalogs and find out the details of how much your rental equipment is going to cost you for the time you need it. You can compare prices and models and hire the equipment required for your specific task for only the time you need. Web sites for such contractor rental companies should be user friendly and describe in detail the type of equipment along with specifications, size, capacity etc.

Whenever you opt for contractor rentals, do business with those rental companies that have an extensive inventory and keep quality equipment. Some companies allow you to rent equipment like generators and emergency equipment on an hourly basis which is quite cost effective from your point of view.

The reasons for renting equipment are:

1. Improve bottom line of your business saving money by renting rather than buying outright.
2. By renting equipment you can exercise inventory control and maintain the minimum equipment inventory.
3. Customize the equipment to suit the job by renting the specific gear for your contract.
4. Save money by eliminating the costs of storing and warehousing large equipment.
5. When you rent, you can reduce the downtime if equipment breaks down. Your rental company will take care of the repairs.
6. When you rent, there’s no need to maintain equipment or keep an inventory of spare parts etc.
7. No need to worry about disposing of equipment when it becomes obsolete or old.
8. Save on time and convenience – with rental equipment there’s no need to worry about licenses, registration and other documentation.
9. By renting you can make better use of business capital for expanding your business.

Your answer to expensive construction equipment is contractor rentals. Chemung County, NY businesses can find well stocked rental companies in the area.

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