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6 Unique Storage Options For Small Bathrooms

Let’s face it, not everyone has a large bathroom with endless storage space to keep all of their necessities. While you may have more bathroom toiletries than you do space, there are many creative ways that you can design your small bathroom so that it can have all of the storage space that you need. Bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD offers unique ways to redesign your space. Here are some of the most popular bathroom space issues, and possible ways that you can add extra storage space.

Many bathrooms simply don’t have the floor space to add much needed storage units for towels and beauty supplies. Consider adding small-scale, narrow storage cabinets on top of the vanity, flanking the sides of the mirror. Although you take away a little mirror space, you now have the storage space you need.
What if you bathroom is lacking a medicine cabinet? With new customized storage solutions available, a long pullout cabinet will give you the shelves you need to accommodate all of your hair products and toiletries. These cabinets can be built right into the walls. With the right professionals to perform your bathroom remodeling Hartford County MD, you can easily find storage space.

If you have a lot of blank walls available, but not much square footage space, you may want to consider having your shelves built right into the walls. You can then fill the shelves with various baskets to add character to your space.

Pedestal sinks are definitely in style when it comes to bathroom décor. One setback to these sophisticated sinks is that they don’t offer any storage space. Leave it to the experts to design a customized unit that is installed behind your pedestal sink. Now you have the drawers and cupboards that you need, with the sink that you love.

While you may not have room for a laundry hamper in your bathroom, you may be able to have a tilt out bin installed in your vanity or bathroom wall. This convenient storage solution keeps your dirty laundry off of the floor.

Do you have a false cabinet in your vanity that is just wasting space? A tilt out drawer may be just what you need. This handy drawer is the perfect spot for toothbrushes, lotion, and anything else that you need to grab in a hurry.

You may not have lots of space in your bathroom, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to store all of your bathroom essentials with bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD.

Bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD can offer helpful storage solutions for any space. You can see how the professionals can transform your space with bathroom remodeling in Hartford County MD.

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