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4 Questions To Ask Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturers

Most companies that are designing and producing new types of medical devices and equipment contract out the actual component production, particularly when it comes to the electronic and mechanical systems.

This leaves the developer to find the best companies possible to assist with the design as well as the production of both the prototype and the eventual production. Ideally, medical cable assembly manufacturers should be involved early in the design process to avoid potential design flaws that can slow down development with the need for redesigning components or configurations.

When looking at the different medical cable assembly manufacturers, price and delivery are always going to be two important factors. However, there are other questions you should ask when narrowing down your choices and eventually selecting the company for the contract.

What is your experience in medical cable assembly?

This is a very telling question as it ensures that the manufacturer will be familiar with the necessary recording and validation processes required in medical device and equipment design and production. It will also show they have a good working understanding of all applicable regulations and standards.

What are the challenges or potential issues in the design?

Even with a rough description or design, top medical cable assembly manufacturers will have engineers able to determine if there are any potential challenges or customized cable requirements for the project.

What materials and cable/connector options do you recommend?

Innovative medical equipment and devices may require completely customized cable harnesses and assemblies. Asking for information on what the manufacturer recommends given the basic information for the design will help you to determine the level of experience and expertise of the team.

What services are you able to offer?

Most companies look for a manufacturer with the ability to complete more than one aspect of the process. They look for a company offering everything from design through prototype development and then production.

This is highly effective for consistent quality control, adherence to your timetable, production specifications and requirements as well as a good understanding of how you need the cable assembly to perform.

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