3 Mistakes To Avoid When Contracting For Metal Fabrication In MN

Every Minnesota contractor, construction company or OEM has to have a first project to get their business up and running. When that first project requires the services of other companies for completion, it is critical to choose the correct business to partner with.

When MN companies need metal fabrication, they will find there is no shortage of shops and services that are marketing themselves as fabricators. Too often first-time contractors and construction companies make mistakes in choosing the fabricator, resulting in wasted time, money or a dissatisfied customer.

There are three common mistakes that occur the first time hiring a fabrication company specializing in metal parts and components. Avoiding these simple errors will help to ensure you are choosing the right service.

Looking Only at Price

If you are only looking at price, you are missing out on a lot of the aspects of metal fabrication that have the potential to derail your project. Often a very low price means low-quality materials or workmanship or a lack of understanding of the scope of the work involved.

Working with a New Company

For a new construction, OEM or manufacturing service, working with a relatively new metal fabrication company is not a good combination. If the metal fabricator is not aware of industry codes, regulations or standards, it is easy for elements of the design or the choice in materials or fabrication methods to slip through the cracks.

This can result in sub-standard components, excessive delays or challenges with miscommunications and misunderstandings throughout the project.

Not Discussing Production

The fabrication company needs to be able to guarantee production to the timetable and window you need for your project. Talking to the company and verifying all delivery times can be met and all services required from design and engineering support to welding, assembly and even arranging for installation should be handled through the supplier.

By taking the time to research and review the different MN metal fabricators you can choose a company with confidence. This also helps you to have a go-to fabricator for your next job, making the task of taking on new work a lot easier.

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